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10 Weeks

So far this has been a pretty easy pregnancy from what I understand.  I am very tired, but beyond that I have no other symptoms.  So far, knock on wood, I have not been afflicted with morning sickness.  I am starting to get a little belly, pants are beginning to feel a little snug, but I am still fitting in them.  Weight gain has been 0, I am sure that will not last much longer!  So my two favorite food are icecream and Life cereal.  They are part of my daily diet, Life for breakfast and possible snack and every evening ends with an icecream cone in bed.  Well that was until Baby came along, baby apparantly does not like Life and icecream!  I think Bryan almost died of shock when I said I didn’t feel like icecream, but Twinkies sounded like heaven on earth!  He was nice enough to go out at halftime of the UK game and get my Twinkies, how did I get so lucky!  I hoping Baby decides it likes icecream again!  Right now Baby loves egg’s!  Bryan has watched in amazement as I have had scrambled eggs for dinner many nights in row.  Weeks 5-7 was tuna!  Of all the stinky things to crave right!  Oh and I do smell everything within a 10 mile radius!

Its amazing how quickly things change!  This morning I found myself extremly excited that Ann Taylor Loft carried maternity wear!   Another classic example, I was blessed to have my parents and my Aunt and Uncle come to Thankgiving at our house this year.  It is traditional that Mom, Aunt LuAnne and I go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, you can call us crazy, you won’t be the first or last!  So Thanksgiving day we are going through the paper checking out all the ad’s when I come across Baby’sRus, you would have thought I found gold!   Someone should have just ripped it out of my hands and stopped me there!  The was a great rocker on sale half off, I mean come on half off, thats a steal!  To make a long story short, first stop at 7am was BabysRus to get the coveted chair and ottoman.  I have to say it is not all my fault, mom is an enabler!  She had just as much fun looking around at the baby stuff as I did, but I am proud to say we did get out of the store in an hour!  So the countdown begin’s, two more weeks until we can share the news, and only 2 Christmas parties until then.  I guess I better start brainstorming on excuses for why I am not drinking!

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