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11 Weeks-Baboom Baboom

We had our first official doctors appointment today and got to hear the heartbeat, no ultrasound today, but we do have one Monday.  Hopefully we will have new pictures then!  I have been told it will look more like a baby then!  So the baby’s heartbeat was a healthy 160-170 bpm.  So based on the old wives tale it could be an a boy or a girl, of course the doctor had to give a range!  The doctor told us everything was progressing the way it should so he was happy.  So the best news is that the little one is healthy! 

So the egg obsession has continued, we have now added turkey sausage, thank you Jimmy Dean for the convenient microwavable turkey sausage.  I actually just finished eating my egg and sausage sandwich, baby is very happy!  I tried out ice cream again last week, its a no go, so graham crackers and Twinkies it is!  This baby is going to turn into a peanut butter ball with the amount of peanut butter I have been consuming.  You think i would get bored having a peanut butter sandwich and an apple everyday for lunch, but no, still super yummy!! 

Last weekend I made the best cookies, white chocolate, candied cherries, and macadamien nut…..yeah they were good!  I am making another 4 dozen next weekend for Christmas Eve Dinner.  I tell myself that they make baby happy so I can of course keep eating them.   I feel really good, my energy level has come up, I am no longer falling asleep at 7:30.  Still no weight gain, I am -4 at the moment, the doctor said that is fine.  I am sure I will more than make up for it later in my pregnancy. 

So for now I am anxiously waiting to see our  little one again on Monday!

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2 Responses to “11 Weeks-Baboom Baboom”

  1. Pop says:

    So I am certainly expecting some facial features and the ability to bounce a ball on the walls in there when you get the ultrasound on December 21st, which is, by the way, the birthday of the little one’s Grandpop! Be sure to whisper that to the belly next time you’re talking with it.

  2. admin says:

    Well there was no ball in there, but the little one sure was active! It was kicking and bouncing everywhere! I am going to be in for some fun when I can actually feel it!

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