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12 Week Ultrasound

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Profile Pic

Arm up!

Arm up!

I am amazed out how much the little one has changed!  It looks like a baby now!  The little one is so active!  It is jumping and sliding everywhere.  The little beans favorite activity seems to be pushing off with its legs up the side and then sliding back down.   You can see the pic on the right the little beans arm is up above its head, the arms were moving everywhere!

 I am still feeling really good.  All my  pants still fit, I have bella bands on stand by for whenever I am unable to get my pants buttoned, but for now I am good.  We have to wait until 20 weeks to see our little one again, so far away!!!!   Weight gain is negative 4.

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One Response to “12 Week Ultrasound”

  1. Barry Stuart says:

    When will we know if the baby is hairline challenged??


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