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21 Weeks, Wow how time Fly’s!

I can’t believe I am half way there!  We officially have all our nursery furniture now and all the bedding!  This weekend flew by, but was a lot of fun.  Saturday Emily and I went to the Outlet Mall and it amazed me at how much things have changed.  6 months ago I would have made a bee-line for my favorite stores, the Ann Taylor Loft Outlet, White House Black Market…you get the picture.  Nope, I got excited when I saw the Carters and OshKosh outlet store.  A further example of this is as we walked into the Pottery Barn Outlet I immediately turned and made a bee-line for the nursery section, poor Emily!  Overall it was a very successful trip though, I got a wonderful diaper bag 80% off and some canvas totes.  I broke down at the Carter’s and Baby Gap and bought a few things for Rylan.  I justify it by saying it is for the hospital stay, and the coming home outfit.  The receiving blanket was just so soft I could not resist.  I was pretty proud of myself because after my day of shopping I made it downtown for a friend’s Birthday party.  I am so glad I went, it was great seeing everyone.  I know inquiring minds want to know, yes I made it home in time for my chocolate ice-cream cone.

I also want to take a moment to apologize to all the mom’s that get near me when I am lost on what to buy, what I need and if I need something.  I find myself turning to the closest mom in a store and asking questions, so far  no one has said no when I ask if I may ask them a question.   It is a whole new world for me out there trying to understand if I will need long or short sleeve, or which diaper bag is more practical, baby world is very confusing!  So here is my apology to all the mom’s out there I stop to ask question of.

As far as an update on the pregnancy, it is great.  My belly is not hurting as bad as last weekend, I had some pretty bad stretching pains.  I am noticing that now none of my pants will button, I am permanently in my bella-band, and the zippers are just not making it up at as high.  I am still working on the weight gain, as off last week still gain of 0.  Food cravings are still pretty much the same, I guess I can’t call them cravings anymore, I should have bought stock in Jiff Peanut Butter and Eddy’s Ice-Cream! 

I have added some belly-pics along with one that was taken at 12 weeks, I have grown!

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