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31 Weeks

Ok, so only 9 weeks left! I am waiting for the flip out moment! I was told today that I am actually full term at 36 weeks…wow! Time Fly’s! The past two days Rylan has not sit still! He has been punching and tap dancing everywhere! Normally he is really active after I eat. Not the past 2 days! He has been moving none stop. Yesterday was actually painfull! I think he was trying to make more room for himself in there by pushing all his limbs out! You sould see little fists and feet coming out everywhere! It looked like an alien trying to escape! I told Bryan that I think he is going to come out with crab claws for hands! I feel like he is pinching me sometimes!

So we had a busy weekend! We had our first “kid friendly” Derby Party, my how things change! It was a ton of fun! The kids got to go fish since the rain stayed away for a while. It was odd thinking back to years before where every Derby Party was not complete without jello shots and passing the Makers Bottle around. I guess this means we are finally growing up! I wish the weather had held up a little better so we could have sat outside, but we still got to grill out. It seems to always rain on Derby Day here! So I believe a new tradition has begun, Kid Friendly Derby Party’s, and of course fishing for the kids!

As I am typing my belly is going left to right, he will not stop moving, I am not sure what he is doing! Its like little spasms!!!! Oh and I have started my every 2 week doctor’s appointments…I feel like I live at the doctors office! Another new development this week, I waddle! Or at least I sway a lot! Also, I cannot tell you how much I would pay someone to come tie my running shoes for me. Bending over cuts off my air supply, and getting my leg up to me arms is getting more difficult! Rylan is starting his growth spurt so I am sure this is going to get more difficult!

On the nesting front. We now have curtains up in our living room and kitchen, I felt compelled to get this done before Rylan arrives. Somehow in my mind it would never get done after he comes, I know its crazy! Just feel bad for Bryan and send lots of Maker’s. We are also now the proud owners of a formal dining room table. I walked through the empty room everyday for the past year, we have been looking and talking about this for about 8 months. We had the one we liked picked out for months we have just been waiting for it to go on sale, it finally did! Once again this is one of those things I thought would never get purchased after Rylan came, I chalk this up to nesting, not me going crazy! =)

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