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39 Weeks 2 days, but who is counting???

So here we are at the end of our pregnancy. I know Bryan and I did not think after going into pre-term labor and being on bed rest that we would make it this far! I have been off bed rest for 2 weeks, back at work and nesting like crazy! Little Rylan has gotten nice and comfy in there! I felt so blessed to make it to 37 weeks, but making it an extra 2 weeks has been wonderful. I feel like I got part of my pregnancy back, I know it sounds weird. I have been able to wash clothes, go to babysrus, get things done around the house and yes even sit outside and read. I even went for a pedicure last weekend. I am so happy that I have been able to do these things before Rylan makes his apperance in the world.

Now, with that said, we are going to have a serious conversation in, oh about 5 days! At 40 weeks its time for him to checkout of Hotel Jen, or at least start moving in that general direction….maybe get in the elevator?! Its been a great 9 months, so glad you got nice and big and strong in there, but I am not sure you need to stay to 42 weeks! All kidding aside, he can stay in there as long as he needs! I just pray everyday for a healthy, happy baby, and a scare really puts everything in to perspective for you.

So maybe my next post will be my birth story and pictures of Little Rylan!
39 weeks

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