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Baby Shower!

I was blessed this weekend that my wonderful family threw me a wonderful baby shower.  We could not have asked for a better day, 70’s and sunny!  My Mother in Law did such a wonderful job with everything and I am still enjoying the food I brought home….so yummy!  Oh and did I mention the cake!  Not only was it so cute, but it had this amazing whipped frosting, I could have fallen face first into it, oh wait I think I did!  =)  I am having my last piece tonight…all gone!  I did share with Bryan though!  I polished off the last chocolate covered strawberry last night that Emily made, those were yummy!  A great snack for between pieces of cake!  =)

I am amazed that with everyone’s busy schedules that everyone was able to make it, even from Louisville.   Of course Bryan came with me and took the opportunity to go to Keeneland with the boys! 

My belly is growing weekly, Rylan is getting big!  Even Diane noticed that I had gotten bigger in the week since I had seen her.  I don’t know how  my little one is shy though, I swear he kicks me all day and you can see my belly move.  As soon as Diane goes to feel him he stops!  I think it is because I was so active on Sunday.  He tends to move a lot when I am sitting still.

Of course I have been reading all the baby books and such, I came across and interesting  note, Rylan will respond to noise now.  So I went about my week not thinking about it until I dropped a big metal pail into an empty trash can….I think an explosion went off in my belly!  Rylan was not happy with Momma at all!!!!  Oh and did I mention that he has found my ribs!  Payback for scaring him was him hibernating under my ribs for the next 3 hours!  That will teach Mom! 

Now that we are accumulating our baby gear things are starting to sink in.  Everyone keeps asking me if I am anxious to be done with the pregnancy part yet?  I have to say I am actually enjoying being pregnant and it is not just because my belly is very convenient for holding things such as plates and cups.  I like my growing belly, I love feeling Rylan kick and talking to him.  I have to say I am enjoying myself.  Now talk to me again at week 39 and it may be a different story, but for now I love being pregnant. 

Now to the sinking in part.  I am starting to become the incredible list maker and closet cleaner.  I am cleaning random cabinets and drawers, Bryan just watch’s in amusement.  I keep telling my self that I want to get these things done before Rylan comes, this is what they call nesting I believe.  Of course anyone who knows me knows that I am a clean freak to begin with so now it is like clean freak on steroids!  The lists consist of things that I want to do, need to get….etc.  I feel like we have so much more stuff to get before we will be ready for Rylan!  I keep telling myself I have 12 more weeks!

Wow this is a long post.  So Baby Rylan I love you very much!  Thanks again to all the wonderful people in my life who made Sunday’s Shower amazing.  I was so happy Rylan’s Great Gran got to be there too!

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