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Birth Story

Ok so I say better late then never! I have been spending all my time with my little one so I have not done any posting.

I had my regular weekly appointment on Tuesday the 6th, I was still 4 cm so she striped my membrane. I was back in the hospital 2 hours later and 5 cm dilated…they took me directly to a room. I had my epideral within an hour….fantastic!!!! The doctors thought I would have the baby before midnight….little did they know how stubborn my little Rylan is! At 2 am I had still not progressed and contractions were very irregular. They started me on Pitosin. I finally moved to 6 cm at 7 am! I stayed that way for hours, took a napat 2 and woke up at 9.5cm. The put me on “the thrown” as they call it. My bed pretty much went vertical…see picture! Keep in mind I had been living off ice and popsicals this whole time as I could not eat anything…this is not a good thing for me and my blood sugar! At this point we also discovered that I had 2 hotspots, this is where the epideral is not working…yeah! They kept giving me more but it was not working so I felt labor on half my body.

I started pushing around 3:30, Rylan was so low they thought I would only push for 30 minutes. Let me tell you 2 and half hours later I was not happy! Rylan could not get past my pelvic bone, I thought I was going to have a c-section which I kept saying the whole day I didn’t want to have. It is true what they say though, I remember the first 45 minutes of pushing but nothing after that. The doctor told me he was going to use forcepts to get hime out. After two exhausting push’s little Rylan made it out!

Now there are things you don’t want to hear when your baby comes out… is “hmmmm…that’s intersting!” They put him on my belly and the first questions was “Is he breathing?” after they said yes I wanted to know what was so interesting? Turn’s out my little one is already an over-achiever and had a little extra finger….looked like a big sking tag but had a teeny tiny finger nail…..the entire finger was not bigger then my pinky nail. It is now gone, but it makes my little one unique.

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