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Lazy Girl Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken EnchiladasThis is my goto weeknight Mexican dish other then Tacos and Fajitas.  So easy, so good….I had some chives so I threw them on top, don’t let that fool you this is easy.  Plus I alwasy seem to have these ingredients on hand.  I think the sour cream and enchilada sauce  mixed in with the chicken just gives it an extra punch.






2 cans red enchiladas sauce

sour cream

mexican cheese

2 chicken breasts cooked and shredded(I baked mine with olive oil and jerk seasoning)

green pepper-cut in stripes

large onion-cut in stripes

Tortillas-whatever you have on hand


Preheat oven to 350

Place shredded chicken in large bowl, mix in some sour cream, some enchilada sauce and a handful of cheese.  Heat olive oil in skillet add onion and peppers cook onions are translucent.  Spray your pan or put a little bit of the sauce on the bottom to keep the tortillas from sticking.  Place chicken mixture and some onions and peppers in the tortillas and roll.  Place the roll seam side down.  Top the enchiladas with sauce and extra cheese to liking.  Bake until warm and bubbly!  Serve with extra sour cream.

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