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Congratulations its a blob!

Second Ultrasound 11-18-09

Second Ultrasound 11-18-09

Happy Birthday to Bryan, well a day early, on October 30th we found out we were expecting!  So to all, I am almost 10 weeks, as of now our due date is July 6th, 2010!  So the title of this post comes from my loving husband.  After seeing the baby on the ultrasound, he looks at me and says “Congratulations!  It’s a blob!”  Thats why I love him!  Our next ultrasound is not until December 21st, we are told the baby will look more like a baby at that point.  The ultrasound tech was nice enough to add the caption “baby” so we knew what we were looking at!  I mean really!  

So since this is my first post I feel like I have much to say!  Those of you who know me, understand I am never at a lack for words.   So this all started October 30th, 2009.  Bryan can home from a business trip to a wrapped present in the middle of the counter.  He guessed what it was, what is the fun in that!  So for those of you know me, I drink.  The night we found out we were having dinner with some of our closest friends, the instant I did not have wine I am sure they all knew what was up.  They were all nice of enough  not to call me out!  Since then its been an interesting list of explanations of why I am  not drinking…….   We have yet to tell anyone, we are waiting for the end of the 1st Trimester, so two weeks away.

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