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It arrived!!!!

So I have been looking at the 5 ft Giraffe for about 2 months now and after we painted the room I decided it was time to get it!  It arrived today!  I am so excited, it is so cool!  I had such a busy day at work and I walked into our living room and there it was!  So needless to say I know how funny it is that I got so excited about a stuffed animal!  My how life is changing!  It is going to look perfect in the nursery!

Our new camera came in today too, this was the first picture!  It was time for an upgrade, mine was very old.  The new one takes great pictures!  Bryan painted the nursery last weekend, since we have our new camera I will be posting new pics this weekend along with some belly pics!  I have grown!  I am officially in maternity wear!    So for now enjoy the picture of the 5 ft giraffe!  Rylan has no idea what I crazy mom he is in for!


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