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Say Hello to my Little Friend! SECOND TRIMESTER! WOOHOO!

Time to celebrate, we are officially in the second trimester now!  So for those of you I have not been cornered and ranted about this very fact to, I will explain how we pregnant ladies are lied to!  So 4 weeks in a month, you think ok after 12 weeks I will be starting my 4th month, and since each trimester is 3 months I should be out of the 1st trimester (high risk zone) at 13 weeks, oh no  my friends, they make you wait another week just to draw it out a little longer for you.  I mean who is emotionally unstable during pregnancy anyways right??  =)  So here I am 15 weeks today and officially out of the 1st trimester.

So to my delight, 2 weeks ago, ice cream became the best thing on the face of the earth to me once again, well tied with peanut butter.  Do not bring vanilla anywhere near me, which is what I use to eat daily, carmel swirl to be exact, the thought of that makes me nauseous!  No, I want chocolate!!!!  Oh and after purchasing rocky road I learned I will sit there any pick every nut out of my ice cream cone just so I don’t have to eat them, don’t ask or try to rationalize it, it will drive you crazy, just ask Bryan, just roll with it.  My rational is that Rocky Road has the lovely marshmallow swirl, and I love that, so if it wasn’t for those pesky nuts all would be right with the world.  So for now I am the crazy pregnant lady laying in bed in her flannels watching TV while eating her chocolate and marshmallow swirl ice cream cone, all the while picking those dang nuts out. 

So now that we have covered the important parts, ice cream, on to the rest.  So at 15 weeks I feel great, I am actually more tired then I was at the end of my first trimester though, but that is ok, after all I am pregnant and deserve lots of naps!  Weight gain is still in the negative, well as of last week, with my revelation on ice cream maybe not so much anymore this week.  We go back to the doctor on Wens. to hear the heartbeat again, it is the best sound in the world!  I am pleased to say that I have still not had any morning sickness!   Yeah!  So I will be back to update later after our appointment.

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2 Responses to “Say Hello to my Little Friend! SECOND TRIMESTER! WOOHOO!”

  1. Erin says:

    I know what you mean about being lied to! I haven’t known what to tell people almost my entire pregnancy about how far along I am…I am at 32 weeks now and have started to say I am in my 8th month only because I have 8 weeks left…WHO KNOWS?! All we care about is healthy babies :) Keep feeling good and enjoying ice cream. I had a big bowl of Mint Cookies and Cream last night that was so delish.

  2. admin says:

    Yummy Mint Cookies and Cream, I may have to give that a try! Sounds yummy. Do you know what time of the year it is…GIRL SCOUNT COOKIE TIME! I am thinking thin mint shake!

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